Is adoption underrated in Pakistan?

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Pakistan’s population is growing at a rate of 2.1% – highest in South Asia and there are currently 23 millions children out-of-school. Who have no recreational activities & no other means of earning except begging. It makes one wonder why more people aren’t adopting.

Yes, we all have a dream of having a little family with our significant other where our genes can be passed on to our kids. We are overlooking a time bomb waiting to explode. Even if one wants to have their own children, is it not possible to adopt at least one child? Imagine that.

Every family adopts one child: showering an orphan with love, education, food & shelter, and opening a plethora of opportunities for them. I think this can pave a path for a level-playing field in today’s world where most jobs and opportunities are skewed to favour then children of the elite. Not to mention investing in human capital & bridging the ever-increasing gap between the rich & the poor. Many people may call this idealistic. But i just see it as a very humanistic path to making tomorrow a better place for you and me. Even in Islam, the orphans have been given special privileges and deserve care from us. Maybe family planning units should incorporate such elements.

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