Pakistan China Trade via Sost Port Opened after 3 years

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Today three vehicles departed to China through Khunjrab pass CPEC trade route after along awaited 3 years. Trade between Pakistan and China was freezed during last 3 years from the start of covid-19.

Vehicles Departed to China via Sost border Pakistan taking 7 passengers. It’s a great news for business community of Pakistan that trade between Pakistan and China through CPEC has open again. The local importers and exporters can trade with China’s market now.

It is an immense success and great news for the trader community that their business was high effected during last tough three years.

The current government successfully negotiated with chinese authorities to open the trade route via dry port border. This trade volume is more than two billion rupees. In last 3 years Pakistani market faced huge set back due to the shortage of material into the market. Now it’s a good time to fulfill that gap created in last 3 years due to trade banned after covid outbreak. The first transport vehicle Departed to China from Pakistan on 4th of April 2023.

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