The best organic method to preserve potatoes in Gilgit Baltistan

100% Organic Way to Preserve Potatoes; Followed in Gilgit-Baltistan

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The best organic method to preserve potatoes during the blood-freezing cold winter in Gilgit Baltistan is so unique. Digging a cubical box and dumb potatoes in summer and use to preserve for around 10 months.

Logically, the temperature of the soil in winter remains above freezing point and the soil is never allowed to drop the moisture level of potatoes at the same time. There is no alternative way to preserve potatoes in the mountainous region. The same tradition is the centuries-old method and still so effective.

People of Gilgit-Baltistan were used to so advance before the 1500 century. There are multiple technical methods are still followed in the region. Isolation or quarantine in pandemics can also be found in the history books of Gilgit Baltistan. Which looks like a 21st-century invention.

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