Ondra Poygah hiking track Gulmit Hunza

Ondra Poygah Hiking Trail Gulmit Hunza

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Key points of Ondra Poygah trail Gulmit Hunza are:

  • Ondra Poygah trek route is 1.3km long.
  • It has 1655 stairs in total.
  • Elevation of this trekking route 1562 feet.
  • Starts from Gulmit polo ground.
  • The trail ends at ‘Ondra hilltop fort.’

About Ondra trail Gilmit Hunza

Ondra Poygah hiking track is an initiative of the Gulmit community. This track was built in 60days, a record period in the winter of 2021 by the Gulmit community. The total length of the Ondra hiking track Gulmit is 1.3km.

The zenith point of this track is at the elevation of 1,562 ft. Ondra Poygah is considered to be Pakistan’s longest and highest stair tracking route ever build.

Ondra Poygah comprises 1655 stairs built by the locals on a self-help basis with mud and stones. The Ondra Poygah trail Gulmit starts at the historical Gulmit Shagaram (Polo Ground in local language) which ends at the site of an ancient hilltop fort called “Ondra”. 

The Ondra Poygah project, a unique and pioneering initiative of its kind, aims to promote eco and adventure tourism in the region. While also highlighting the history and archaeological heritage of the Gulmit region.

Tourism minister of GB Raja Nasir’s comment about Ondra trail Gulmit Hunza, “Absolutely stunning. I congratulate the Gulmit community for the Ondra Poygah initiative, which offers an exhaustive hike up on Pakistan’s highest uphill stairway to the ancient citadel “Ondra”. The panoramic view of the town beneath seems a treasured experience.”

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