Nutritive Values for Alcohol Beverages and Mixes

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Nutritive Values for Alcohol Beverages and Mixes are as follows:

BeverageServingAlcoholCarbohy-drateCaloriesExchanges for calorie control
Regular1213131501 Starch, 2 Fat
Light121151002 Fat
Near Beer121.512601 Starch
Distilled Spirits     
Gin, rum, votka, whiskey, scotch1.514trace1002 Fat
Dry brandy, cognac111trace751.5 Fat
Table Wine     
Dry white411trace802 Fat
Red or rose4122853 Fat
Sweet wine41251051/3 starch, 2 Fat
Light wine461501 fat
Wine cooler1213302152 fruit, 2 fat
Dealcoholized wines4trace6 to 725 to 350.5 fat
Sparkling Wines     
Champagne41241002 fat
Sweet kosher wine412121321 starch, 2 fat
Appetizer/dessert wines     
Sherry292741.5 Fat
Sweet sherry, port, muscatel297900.5 starch, 1.5 fat
cardials, liqueurs1.513181601 Starch, 2 Fat
dry31341052 fat
sweet313141401 Starch, 2 Fat
Bloody mary51451161 vegetable, 2 fat
Diaquiri21421112 fat
Manhattan21721782.5 fat
Martini2.522trace1563.5 fat
Old fashioned426trace1804 fat
Tom collins7.51631202.5 fat

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