November 1, 1947: What would an ordinary soldier think?

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If all historical references written about Major Brown, Colonel Hasan Khan and Babar Khan, etc. should be put aside and try to see and understand the history from the point of view of a common soldier (which is not mentioned in any written historical reference). Why they participated in the liberation war? Which factors motivated them to be involved in this war?

So, what would have been the general purpose or motivation of this common soldier who took part in the 1st November 1947 War of Independence, or mutiny or accident for participating in the war?
We must listen to this common man of history, who has not spoken, or whose words have not been given importance. Away from the conflict of truth and falsehood available on the history of last hundred years in Gilgit-Baltistan. The history of common people is actually our history. Which never written off by any author or historian.

Until the words and thoughts of these anonymous soldiers of history reach us, we will be determining the directions of our struggle. Only on the available written references, which are only references to those who were in a dominant position at some level during the liberation war in 1947.

The people of Gilgit Baltistan are on the road leads to nowhere. This directionless destiny must be end soon, which can only be possible by knowing our true past. The quest of truth never convexed by any single person till date.

The fate of this tiny heaven is yet to be decided after getting so called independence status 75 years ago.

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