How do I prepare for a mountaineering expedition?

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What are the things needed for mountaineers at basecamp?

Basecamp with limited resources at least needs a basic staff at BC with radio connection with people. For higher than 6,500m peaks there’s a requirement to get a climbing permit and liaison officer along. The function of a liaison officer is to be a bridge of communication between climbers and government authorities. First-aid plan, minimal facilities like food, water, and gas/fuel. They have to face sometimes long times waiting for a weather window at BC. The unpredictability of weather is usual in mountaineering expedition. Meteo data are also important if it is possible.

How do you prepare to climb an 8000ers peak?

Without previous experience in the 6000ers and 7000ers, it is not recommended to attempt 8000ers peaks directly. This is the only sport in which everyone could be a winner by risking their lives.

Physically to be fit and be able to face unexpected situations. Fixing ropes- every climber who is attempting an 8000ers should have the courage to do it independently. To be assessed by professionals and take climbing lessons. Go step by step.

During summit push, it is important to have the acclimatization process completed and have adequate gear, clothing, shoes, ice ax, etc. A good strategy to choose the summit push day.

What do mountain climbers do for a living?

The professional mountaineer having two major sources of earning: Most likely be a guide; study and adequate information about the peaks, and you can work as a guide. With that money, you can pay for your expeditions. Second, collecting experiences, some people go with outfitters and do the standard plan: 14×8000 but for it, you will need sponsors. I don’t like this second option, although this is the most typical. But it does not support any interesting things on normal routes.

So, my point for young alpinists is to learn, training, be well assessed, start with lower mountains and learn and read about the history of alpinism. Very important too.

A climbing permit, visa, and insurance must be accredited. To be a professional mountaineering expedition you need to learn, train, improve your skills in the mountains and get experience. Step by step. You also should know or never forget: Alpinism is dangerous.

Written By: Kris @KrisAnnapurna (Follow on twitter)
Alpine Journalist 🇪🇸

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