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How a national award can WIN multiple tourism goals in Gilgit Baltistan?

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The world’s prospective over economic growth and the means of fiscal boost are changing rapidly. The vintage mindset of earning was either by agricultural means or a God gifted natural resources like in Arab countries. With advancement in technologies, even natural oils are going to be futile in couple of decades, hybrid vehicles going to take it over. At the same time, global warming, climate change and other international issues are rapidly diverting the prospective of policy makers of different countries. This article will shed some lights on ‘How to boost tourism in Gilgit Baltistan?’

Pakistan is known to be an agricultural country having very rich and vast area of agriculture. But in the current scenario, it’s not enough to be relied on the single source to support the GDP. Tourism is the most emerging market round the globe, Pakistan is also taking an eye opening steps to promote tourism and which could be the second largest share in the economy in coming decade.

Gilgit Baltistan is the hub of highest mountains and the royalty of climbers are sharing the larger part in the money bank of tourism. A single foreigner fee to submit an 8000rs is more than 9000$, and each expedition team accommodates 10 local porters on average; their wages becomes 100,000 rupees on a single trip. Cumulatively, it’s helping to raise the life style of locals as well as the fiscal condition of country.

Recently, during an unfortunate accident on K2 which took life of three mountaineering legends including Ali Sadpara; Pakistans government authorities showed very responsive approach and it ultimately reflects the positive image of the state across the borders. In parallel to infrastructure investment, promotion of the positive image of the state is equally important. It can only be possible by recognizing the unsung heroes of mountaineering; which have two positive effects.

  1. Young bloods will start focusing on this sports and it will going to rapid growth in the number of mountaineers in the country.
  2. A very positive image of the country round the globe, which ultimately going to attract more and more tourist and climbers to Pakistan.

We have very golden time to recognise the missing mountaineering legend Muhammad Ali Sadpara, in past 70 years the state ignored many heroes of the mountains like Hassan Sadpara, Little Karim and Nisar Hussain Sadpara etc.

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