Nangxoq organic village Skardu. First organic village of Pakistan

Nansoq Organic village Skardu – A leisure valley to explore

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Organic village

The living style of habitants in ‘Nansoq Organic village Skardu’ is the same as the vintage traditional balti style. Their households are organic with very less possible use of machining and artificial products. To retain this village in vintage fashion is a symbolic representation to reflect the importance of the organic way of life.

There are still having very bold traces of the organic way of life in the Baltistan region. Nansoq is one the purest organic village located in the Skardu region. Machulo valley is also known to be an organic village of Baltistan, which is located in Khaplu Ghanche.

How to reach Nansoq Organic Village Skardu?

A creepy track leading to a startling destination. The first organic village of Skardu is beyond comparison in its beauty and witnesses its unicity. The quietness of the hiking track, purity of the place, peace at the unseen destination of the organic village are a few things out of many. a full day is required to visit the place to explore the village, which would include 2 hours trekking to return. The first half of the trekking route is rough and tough, need to be careful particularly if along with kids. The second half of the route relatively effortless as well as having splendid views of nature. There is a total number of 70 to 80 people living there, all kindred with 17 or 18 families. A stay of fewer than 4 hours is not enough to reconnoiter this unique village.

Nangxoq Organic Village Skardu

An organic way of living is a healthy lifestyle, which is why so many people around the world are plump to go organic. And while it may seem like a more costly way to live, going organic can believe it or not save you cash in the long-period because of the exponential advantages it can have on the earth and your brood.

Among other valuable advantages, going organic assists to ameliorate the environment and provide your family with physical and mental health, including a declined chance of accelerated disease.

Why to retain organic way of living?

The reason to retain the organic lifestyle of this Nansoq Organic Village Skardu is just symbolic. That, still it is possible to live an organic life to save nature. There is a way out to climate issues such as global warming and other environmental challenges.

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3 thoughts on “Nansoq Organic village Skardu – A leisure valley to explore

  1. Correct! In fact the village is much more beautiful than how it is described here. I went there last year, the beauty of this region was stunning and breathtaking. The people were so hospitable and kindhearted. Although the way is a little bit uncomfortable but the place is fascinating you can’t help but admire it’s beauty so it’s worth it.❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Your work is admirable. Keep it up.

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