Naltar Valley Gilgit in winter

Naltar Valley, A garden of delights

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Naltar valley is prominent for the Naltar viewpoint or the Ski slip and dazzling lakes. This destination is never got the deserved recognition due to travel restrictions to some areas from law enforcement agencies. The key parts of Naltar valley Gilgit are easily accessible to domestic tourists throughout the year. Naltar is around 3 to 4 hours of traveling from Gilgit city.

How to travel to Naltar?

Gilgit to Nomal valley has a public transport facility. The road to Nomal is not that bad which can be traveled by car. Time takes around 1 hour from Gilgit to Nomal.
Nomal to Naltar is going to be challenging for non-locals. The road condition of Nomal to Naltar valley is so pathetic and traveling via car will turn out to be a foolish decision. The time takes around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Naltar Valley

Naltar valley is very well known for its lush green meadows, crystal clear lakes, and winter ski slip or Naltar viewpoint in summer. The lake point having more than 6 lakes in different locations within walking distance. These lakes make this valley so special. Tourists searching for some peace from their professional hectic routines, Naltar is the excellent choice I would suggest.
Naltar Ski slip opens in winter for ski. Many numbers of national and international ski teams visit Naltar every year. The number of ski teams growing each year and the spot is catching peoples. This ski point of Naltar is one of the finest ski slips in Pakistan.

Naltar Ski point

There are many hotels as well as a camping area there at Naltar. The average rate of night stay at Naltar is around 4500 to 5000 rupees which do not include meals. The hotel staff is fully trained in first aids. There is no hospital near about in case of any emergency. Recommended keeping a first aid kit along with you.

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