Imran Khan foriegn funding case

Foreign funding case a plot to oust me: Imran Khan | Probable political revenge

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Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) is the only political party in Pakistan having a well-structured fund-raising system for its political struggle. Imran Khan has a huge fan following worldwide which also attracts massive funds for his political struggle. At the same time, with billions of rupees flowing towards Imran Khan’s party PTI is enigmatic to his political opponents. Which sown the idea of judicial revenge against Imran Khan. In the shape of foreign funding case a judicial case filed against him in 2014 which yet to be resolved.

On November 14, 2014, a case was filed against Imran Khan related to foreign funding by one of the founding pillars of PTI Akbar S Babar. Babar stated in the petition that, PTI getting financial aid from some fishy foreign source. To date, this case is under trial.

In recent political turmoil, Imran Khan fears that his opponents may disqualify him from the political run under the shade of foreign funding case. Which he predicted multiple times during public rallies. It looks during the recent political turnover that, the judiciary is under the heavy influence of two capitalist dynastical politicians of Pakistan.

The foreign funding case of the Imran Khan hearing will be one of the keys to the democratic future of Pakistan. Imran Khan is the dire need of Pakistan now or never. The massive public rallies across the country depict that Khan’s political zenith is yet to come. The IK political struggle may be fused prematurely if the case wins against him.

Fundraising campaigns for political struggle are usually supported by big fishes of the society. The sponsors mostly didn’t drop a footprint to trace back. Imran Khan is going through the toughest case to win. But his transparency throughout his political struggle is going to be written in the golden books of history. Khan is the hope of the nation and his regime will be back with more and more power (God will).

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