Ali Raza Sadpara

Mountaineering in Baltistan, Ali Raza Sadpara amongst the unsung Heroes

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Satpar Valley, Home of climbers

Satpar valley is famous for producing climbing masters. The majority of HAP (high altitude porters) of Satpar valley are skill unrecognized. The reason of flourishing mountaineering in the region is just because of the unsung heroes of the mountains.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara (late), Ali Raza Sadpara, Sajid Sadpara, Nisar Hussain Sadpara (late), and many unsung climbers played a vital role in promoting high altitude climbing tourism in Pakistan.
As a nation, no sports except cricket have good recognition in Pakistan. Which results in diminishing all sports from the country. Once the world champion hockey is almost dying out from Pakistan. The sports and athletics associations need to wake up early to take up the issue timely before it is too late.

Ali Raza Sadpara

Do you know how many times he has stood on top of peaks above 8000m in height? A jokester Ali Raza Sadpara, a Pakistani mountaineer who has climbed 8000ers the most number times! The answer is mammoth 16 times. 16 times Ali Raza Sadpara has raised the flag of Pakistan on top of 8000ers. He is in his 50s now.

Ali Raza Sadpara is the only Pakistani having sixteen 8ers summits in his name. It’s the most by any Pakistani ever. Raza Sadpara was the artist of the art in the shape of Muhammad Ali Sadpara. The legendary mountaineer was grown under the supervision of Ali Raza. Ali Raza recent summit was Gasherbrum Ⅱ with Sirbaz Khan and Naila Kiani. Naila Kiani also released a press just after summit stating that Ali Raza helped her very much during the summit. She added that it may never be possible without Ali Raza to summit Gasherbrum Ⅱ.

Mountaineering Potential in Baltistan

Baltistan is the mountaineering sports potential hub of Pakistan. This region produced many legendary climbers like Muhammad Ali Sadpara, little Karim, and many more. Tourism goal to make GB a 1 billion market, we need to promote the mountaineering stars. Government should co-sponsor HAPs to promote tourism in the region.

It is not about recognition every time, local mountaineers are getting out there and putting up a fight. The passionate climbers never going to leave it but this sport can’t grow. we will remain in a nutshell for decades and decades.

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