GB Election stats & standings: Mashabrum Ghanche

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Gilgit-Baltistan is very famous for magnetizing itself towards the ruling party every year. Following the trend, PTI catches the major influencer candidates in their party. These candidates have a very optimistic public image as well as high potential to touch the zenith point of electoral counting.

Syed Shams-ud-Din is stepping into politics, having more than 35 years of public service. He was very well known for his teaching skills while he was on service. His students are all around the constituency. In parallel, he is also a religions scholar.

He recently started his election campaign throughout the region. Shams is attracting three major vote gaining factors; religion dirty play can’t be possible for the opponents because Shams itself a well-known scholar, secondly his public service for such a long period will definitely attract a mass voters and thirdly the loyal students are his campaigners.

At the same time, if we look back the past of his opponent Muhammad Ismail. His dirty plays and corruption cases are totally exposed. He major campaigners having the darkest past in term of the dis-hearting public.

All favour goes to Shams-ud-Din, but the final result depends on the efforts either positive or negative to capture more hypocrite vote sealers. Which happening in the region from away a long time ago.

Ibrahim Sanai, the well-educated candidate having a very positive political carrier. Currently, due to party switching, he faced a bit criticism as well. He is known to be the cleanest and clear person having zero property holding till date. He recently donated his lone house in Skardu city to a religious organization as well. Currently contesting election from PTI platform.

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