Marsur rock Hussainabad Skardu sister of Trolltunga Norway

Marsur Rock Skardu, sister of Trolltunga Norway

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Marsur rock Hussainabad Skardu is one of the awe-inspiring cliff-like Trolltunga located in Norway. Marsur rock is 38 ft long and 25 ft projected horizontally out of the base. It takes 4 hours uphill hiking from village Hussainabad Skardu to reach there.

Marsur Rock Skardu

Marsur Rock is located just above the Hussainabad village and was undiscovered till 2017. After sharing an astounding picture of this rock on social media, the spots came under the spotlight of tourists. This rock can also be called the ‘Birds eye viewpoint of Skardu.’

The reason, why this rock is so exceptional is; multiple adventurer goals can be attained while reaching this elongated piece of rock.

  • Two hours of hiking on a high angled mountain.
  • The finest bird eye viewpoint of Skardu. This viewpoint and the scenes are far better than the view from Kharpocho fort.
  • Witnessing the resplendent view of Marsur rock itself.
  • No guide is required to visit this rock.
Marsur Rock Skardu

Yearly not more than 1000 visitors visit this rock. Marsur rock having a very grippy surface, which helps in touching the tip of the rock without any risk of slipping. Safety or hiking shoes are recommended while the set of the Marsur rock. In comparison, the sister rock located in Norway having the highest traffic of travelers. There are more than 300,000 peoples visit Trolltunga yearly.

Skardu is one of the safe districts of Gilgit Baltistan and the hospitality of locals are exceptionally good. There was no commercial guest house here till last decades. The reason is, locals used to accommodate them as their guests. This old custom is almost become distinct just because of the plurality of the travelers and tourists within the region. But the hospitality and simplicity in the blood of the Balti community.

Before starting the humdrum hiking, there are 2 well-developed parks in Hussainabad. Better spots to spend few moments and have some peace before the tiresome hiking journey towards the unbelievable Marsur Rock Skardu.

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