Local foods of Baltistan

Local Foods Of Baltistan – Try The Relishing Local Cosines in Skardu

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Baltistan is very rich in cultural values and foods. Local foodstuffs are very relishing and tasty. the cooking methodologies and recipes are centuries old. Nothing has changed yet in the local foods of Baltistan. Locals are mostly cooked their ambrosia cultural meals in their daily life.

The uniqueness, quality, and taste make these meals so special. Tasting local foods are usually one of their goals of tourists and explorer of the north.

The top royal dishes of Baltistan:

  • Prappo
  • Mar-Zan
  • rTab-Khor

Prappo (wheat noodles and walnut paste)

Prappo is a combination of water-boiled flour noodles and pastes of pure walnut chips.

The dough of locally grown wheat of milled flour. 10-20gram of triangular cookies. Then it is introduced into boiling water. Cooked for 15 to 20 minutes. Funnel down water and cool down the cookies for around 15 minutes.

Walnut chips to grind very finely and make a thick paste.

Mix both by hand for 5 minutes and the ambrosia dish is all ready to serve. Recommended to eat like a bird, if your are taking it for the first time. Its taste attracts you more but the consequences of digestion problems later would be severe. It is very rich in energy and hard to digest.

Marzan (Apricot oil in Buckwheat)

Marzan is known to be effortless to cook cosine in Baltistan. The taste of Marzan is salty, not sweetie. Culturally, Marzan is a multi-serving dish. Highly recommended to taste it once at least, very easy to digest and good for people having digestion problems and kidney stones.

rTab Khur (Wheat cake dipped in apricot oil)

A precise explanation of this cosine is, baked wheat cake dipped in apricot oil. It has a sweet taste. Not recommended to anyone having digestion problems. It’s very tasty and one of the top royal local foods of Baltistan.

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