Balti hut of Nansoq organic village Skardu

The living style of Nangsoq Organic Village Skardu

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Nangsoq organic village Skardu by traveling 5 minutes from Hussain chowk and then trekking route starts. Total trekking time of 30 minutes to Nangsoq valley. This trekking route is very rough and tough. It is following the Indus river.The living style of Nangsoq Skardu is a must need to explore.

The living style of Nangsoq Organic Village

The living style of organic village is far away from the modern livings. In Nansoq, people are still using old balti cultural utensils. Following are the key difference between Nangsoq and modern villages:

  • No accessible to roads
  • Complete old living style
  • Old cultural utensils are still in used
  • Vintage style houses
  • Cattle and cow farming
  • Relay of agriculture completely

Nangsoq village has no road access. The peoples of this lone organic village of Gilgit Baltistan are living in complete old fashioned. Farming cattle and cows are everybody’s job in Nangsoq organic village Skardu. their living style is different from the modern villages.

The peoples of this organic village Skardu are almost relying on agriculture for their living. Storage techniques of foods and fuels as just like 50 to 70 years ago.

Qaar (Quilt), Dari (carpet), Pula (Shoes), Qwaat (pressure cooker), and other households can be found in Nansoq organic village. These are distinct things throughout Baltistan.

Things used in Nangsoq Skardu

To maintain such a harsh living style in the 21st century is nothing more than a survival challenge. People of Nangsoq are turning it into an opportunity to attract tourists. Their old fashion pure living makes this village one of the highly likely tourist destinations of Skardu.

Things to do in Nangsoq

Nangsoq is very unique than any other tourist destination of Gilgit Baltistan. The purpose of this village is not to depict the beauty and lush green grassy fields. Following things must explore in this village as a tourist, traveler, or explorer:

  • Explore their unique way of living
  • Benefits of organic foods
  • Benefits of an organic way of life
  • Challenges of old living style
  • Explore their culture
  • Explore their life battles

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