Satpara lake Skardu

List of tourist spots in Skardu Baltistan

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Baltistan division has the highest number of tourist spots compared to any other division of Pakistan. Roughly more than 60 tourist destinations located in Baltistan and Skardu region. Out of these sixty tourist spots, very few of the many are explored. There is a dire need of attention required of tourist and explorer to explore the hidden destinations of Baltistan region. The list of tourist spots in Baltistan are unending.

Few top spots for tourist in Baltistan

  1. Kharpocho fort Skardu
  2. Shangrilla lake Kachura, Skardu
  3. Upper Kachura lake, Skardu
  4. Manthoka waterfall Kharmang
  5. Khamosh waterfall Kharmang
  6. Basho valley Skardu
  7. Deosai plain, Skardu
  8. Sheosar lake, Deosai Skardu
  9. Shigar valley
  10. Fong Khar, Shigar
  11. Yabgo fort, Khaplu
  12. Hushe valley
  13. Khaplu valley
  14. Saling meadows
  15. Basho meadows, Rundo Skardu
  16. Cold Desert, Skardu
  17. Marsur rock Skardu
  18. Hoto chomik Skardu
  19. Hot spring, Shigar
  20. Organic village Skardu
  21. Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu
  22. K2 basecamp, Shigar
  23. Mashabrum viewpoint, Yochung Khaplu
  24. Door to heaven Keris bridge, Khaplu
  25. Balghar meadows, Khaplu
  26. Haldi cones Mashabrum, Khaplu
  27. Machulu Organic village, Khaplu
  28. Budhha rock Skardu
  29. The soup house, Staq Nalah
  30. Skardu international airport
  31. Gilgit-Skardu road
  32. Satpara lake Skardu

Unexplored tourist destinations of Skardu Baltistan

the beauty of these destinations are as great as the famous spots in the world. Due to the lake of attention, these are still unexplored. the list of tourist spots in Skardu Baltistan which are still unexplored are:

  1. Kharfaq lake, Khaplu
  2. Kaldaq broq, Khaplu
  3. Mashabrum basecamp, Hushe Khaplu
  4. Blind lake Keris, Khaplu
  5. Hot spring, Kundus Khaplu
  6. Dumsum valley, Khaplu
  7. Siachen glacier viewpoint Saltoro Khaplu
  8. Siachen glacier viewpoint Kundus, Khaplu
  9. Kharmang valley
  10. Gulabpur Shigar valley
  11. Mashabrum valley, Khaplu
  12. Yochung CHomik, Khaplu
  13. Chorbat valley, Khaplu
  14. Sogha lake, Khaplu
  15. Fish farm Barah valley, Khaplu
  16. Road under the shade Ghawari, Khaplu
  17. Trout fishing point Kharmang
  18. Pak-India border Kharmang
  19. Gultari valley
  20. Trekking route from Kharmang to Deosai

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