List of hotels in Gilgit Baltistan for tourist

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List of hotels in Gilgit Baltistan district wise are as follows:

Here is a list of hotels in Hunza

  1. Serena Hotel Hunza
  2. Eagle’s Nest Hotel Hunza
  3. Hunza Embassy Hotel
  4. Hunza Darbar Hotel
  5. Hilltop Hotel Hunza
  6. Hunza View Hotel
  7. Baltit Heritage Inn
  8. Hunza Traditional Inn
  9. Hunza Continental Hotel
  10. Hunza Lounge Hotel

Here is a list of hotels in Skardu

  1. Shangrila Resort Skardu
  2. PTDC Motel Skardu
  3. Mashabrum Hotel Skardu
  4. Baltistan Continental Hotel
  5. Concordia Motel Skardu
  6. K2 View Hotel Skardu
  7. Dewan-e-Khas Hotel Skardu
  8. Hotel One Skardu
  9. Skardu Guest House
  10. Snowland Hotel Skardu

Here is a list of hotels in Gilgit city

  1. Serena Hotel Gilgit
  2. PTDC Motel Gilgit
  3. Gilgit Serena Inn
  4. Royalton Hotel Gilgit
  5. Madina Hotel Gilgit
  6. Marco Polo Hotel Gilgit
  7. Hotel One Gilgit
  8. Marcopolo Guest House Gilgit
  9. Mount View Hotel Gilgit
  10. Darbar Hotel Gilgit

Here are some hotels in Khaplu

  1. Khaplu Palace and Residence
  2. Mashabrum Hotel
  3. Hilltop Hotel Khaplu
  4. Shangrila Resort Khaplu
  5. PTDC Motel Khaplu
  6. Serena Khaplu Palace
  7. Baltistan Tourist Cottages Khaplu
  8. Hotel Karakoram Inn Khaplu
  9. The Himalayan Paradise Hotel Khaplu
  10. Hotel Farhan Khaplu

Here are some hotels in Shigar

  1. Shigar Fort Residence
  2. Serena Shigar Fort
  3. Sarai Silk Route
  4. Shigar Guest House
  5. Kharmang Tourist Motel Shigar
  6. Kharmang Tourist Inn Shigar
  7. Al-Mehar Hotel Shigar
  8. Snowland Guest House Shigar
  9. Silk Road Guest House Shigar
  10. Paradise Guest House Shigar

Here are some hotels in Astore

Astore Continental Hotel

Hotel Rainbow Astore

PTDC Motel Rama Astore

Lala Rehmat Ali Khan Hotel

K-2 Motel Astore

Lala Abdus Salam Hotel

Astore Valley Guest House

Astore Serena Inn

Astore Tourist Guest House

Astore View Hotel

Here are some hotels in Diamer

  1. Gilgit Serena Hotel in Chilas
  2. Shangrila Resort Hotel in Chilas
  3. Chilas Guest House
  4. Chilas Inn Hotel
  5. Haseena Hotel Chilas
  6. Gilgit-Baltistan Motel Chilas
  7. PTDC Motel Chilas
  8. Diamer View Hotel Chilas
  9. Fazal Hotel Chilas
  10. Hotel Royal Chilas

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