Leopard Hill Trek Shishkat Hunza

Leopard Hill Trek Shishkat Hunza

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Leopard Hill Trek Shishkat Hunza, a new trekking route is constructed in sub-division Gojal Hunza. This Snow leopard trek route is constructed by the locals of Gojal to promote tourism in the region. This trekking route is at the shoulder of Atta-abad Lake.

Leopard Hill Trek

Key informations you need to know before visiting Leopard hill trek Hunza are:

  • This trek has 600 steps
  • Located in Gojal Hunza
  • Constructed by community without any external funding

Snowleopard trekking point is constructed of steps from the starting point to its zenith end.

Leopard Hill Trek Shishkat Hunza is newly constructed and never been under the lens of travellers and photographers before. Its a great chance to be the first outsider to visit there and grab the opportunity to showcase the photographic skill. Hunza is becoming the giant tourist hub because of the awareness of the people. Many such routes were made by public without any external financial sponsorship. Community is fully committed to boost tourism and explorer in the region.

The mountain where this trek route is constructed, is the home snow leopards. Snow leopard is one of the few endangered species in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunting of mountain cat (snow leopard) is illegal which is enforced from a long time ago.

Leopard Hill Trek View

From the top of leopard Hill trek Hunza, a stunning panoramic view of following destination:

  • Atta-Abad lake Hunza
  • Passu cones
  • Edges of mountains around

Leopard Hill Trek Shishkat Hunza is now open for tourist and most of the visitors are endorsing to visit the beautiful trekking route. Its becoming one of the high tourist flux points of Hunza.

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