Lebanon: Minds Behind Beirut Blast

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The world has seen a massive blast in Beirut Lebanon on 4th of August near the port. News sources are claiming that the explosion is due to Ammonium chemical formula NH₄NO₃ which is widely used in fertilizer industry worldwide.
Do many questions arise that why they are storing these chemicals near the port in a massive quantity? Why no safety measures have been taken to curb such devastation? And the most important question is how this happens in all sudden?
Ammonium nitrate is a fairly stable compound and a high water absorbent. To store water-absorbent compound just next to the sea is very incompetency of the owners or authorities of such gigantic stock.
To dig out more details, this chemical could be dangerous if contaminated with oils or any this else of same nature. Then the potential of catching fire becomes much certain. For instance, we can assume that this could be the reason logically.
Lebanon and Israel having high tensions over the territorial conflicts over the past decade. We might have to ponder the past as well to funnel up the realities. I also could be a result of Israel’s conspiracy. Hizbullah is also active in this reason. So the story is relatable to the conflicts between these forces.
Causalities of the blast are much higher than stated, more than 20,000 peoples are injured, in different areas of Beirut due to shock wave of the blast. Everyone around the globe is mourning and tweeting, “Never seen such devastation before”.

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