Cherry blossom season in Gilgit Baltistan

A land of belongingness Baltistan, by Nadia Ali

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In the heart of the majestic Himalayas, the BALTISTAN, the essence of community and togetherness flows through every aspect of life. The people here have an inherent understanding of their interconnectedness, nurturing a profound sense of belongingness that feel through their hearts and souls. As they gather to celebrate festivals, share stories around crackling fires, and extend a helping hand to those in need, the warmth of their compassion envelops everyone, creating a home away from home.

The belonginess accomplish a common and collective desire in its people to serve humanity with unwavering dedication. They believe in the power of selfless giving and kindness, forging deep connections not only with their fellow inhabitants but with travelers who venture into their welcoming realm. In this land, every stranger is a friend yet to be met, and every traveler is a cherished guest, for they understand that in shared humanity lies the true essence of existence.

Baltistan landscapes are not only a reflection of its breathtaking beauty but also a manifestation of its people’s harmonious bond with nature. They tread gently upon the earth, embracing sustainable practices and viewing themselves as guardians of the pristine environment they call home. This symbiotic relationship with nature further deepens their sense of belongingness to this wondrous land.

In this haven of belongingness, the world’s worries are gently washed away, replaced by a serene contentment that can only be found in the arms of a community that cherishes love, compassion, and humanity. It is a place where souls find solace, and hearts find their true home, A LAND OF BELONGINGNESS, BALTISTAN.

Nadia Ali (Student NUML University)

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