16 Majestic Lakes of Yasin Valley, Gilgit Baltistan

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Yasin Valley district Gupis-Yasin is the most underrated tourist destination of Gilgit Baltistan. This valley is home of sixteen beautiful lakes and most of them are still unexplored. Our aim is to promote the unexplored areas of Gilgit Baltistan.

The list of lakes located in Yasin Valley are:

1.      Duloong Darkut Lake

2.      Khalter Darkut Lake

3.      Ghasum Darkut lake

4.      Makuli Lake 1

5.      Makuli Lake 2

6.      Makuli Lake 3

7.      Jutbhar Lake

8.      Abaij Lake

9.      Asumber Lake 1

10.  Asumber Lake 2

11.  Asumber Lake 3

12.  Ayash Lake Nazbar

13.  Bujayot Bar Lake

14.  Narmal Mazbar Lake

15.  Dar Jaini Lake

16.  Khaa Bar Lake

These are the beautiful lakes located in Yasin valley of district Ghizer. These lakes are few kilometers apart from each other.

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