Ladyfinger Mountain Hunza Pakistan in Fiction & Reality

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Lady finger peak Hunza, Pakistan is also known as Sublimotin in the local language. A straight-standing rock with very little snow. Lady finger sworn with a snowcap, 6000 meters of rock climbing with extraordinary alpinist skills required to summit this peak.

It is a distinctive rock spire in the Batura Muztagh, the westernmost
subrange of the Karakoram Range in Pakistan.

Ladyfinger is the most difficult peak below 7000 meters category in the world. It gives a real bird-eye view of the region while paragliding from the summit. It is
located in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan.

Ladyfinger in fiction

This peak has fictional importance in Gilgit Baltistan as a part of
Langbokisar’s fictional story.
Kisar, a prince of magic from Baltistan came to Hunza and fell in love with
Bubli. During his adventurous trip, Kisar married princess Bubli.

Kisar’s first wife Langbrokmo was in Baltistan at that time and news of her
kidnapping spread in his dynasty. Then, Kisar planned to depart for
Baltistan immediately. He took Bubli on the Sublimotin or Lady Finger and
asked her to stay there till his return.

When Bubli inquired about Kisar’s
return, he handed over a hen and a sack of grain. He further added that,
“Every year give this chicken a single grain to eat. When the sack is empty,
I will return. Until that time, stay here.”

Fictional believers still believe that the wife of Kisar, Bubli is still
there and waiting for her husband’s return. It is a very long fictional story
having many parts.

Adventure on Ladyfinger Pakistan

Lady Finger is mostly climbed by alpinists, not mountaineers. A very limited number of climbers attempt Lady Finger usually.
Paragliding is one of the key goals of Lady Finger climbers. this peak is
very deadly and merciless. The only way to escape death is training, training, and training before attempting Lady Finger peak. The success rate of Lady
Finger peak is not much good as compared to Mt. Everest, Broad Peak, and K2.

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