Kharmang valley

Kharmang valley, last corner of motherland Pakistan

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Kharmang valley is the home of two famous waterfalls Manthokha waterfall and Khamosh waterfall. There are many unexplored lakes located in Kharmang district such as Khoshak Tungh,Murku, Reebu lake, Ghurashi ,Spring Xaho and Kusoro lake. The border of this valley meets with India and is one of the highest battlefields in the world. A very little part of Kharmang district is in India occupation while the major area is under Pakistan’s control.

Traveling to Kharmang has only one road, which is connected to Skardu city. Kharmang road is well carpeted and clean. The last corner of Kharmang is around 7 to 8 hours of travel distance from Skardu city. There is an old hiking route that connects Kharmang with Khaplu valley. The foorprints of this route is almost vanished and maybe it becomes history for the very next generation.
Apple of Kharmang valley is famous throughout Gilgit Baltistan. The land of this valley is very fertile and suitable for fruits especially. Apples, potatoes, apricot, and grabs are very abundant in the region.

The weather of Kharmang district has resembled Skardu. The temperature in summer rise up to 30˚C and in winter temperature falls to around -20˚.

The people of Kharmang valley are very simple and honest. A tourist from Faisalabad’s purse with ATM card, Rs 257,000 rupees fell in the Manthokha waterfall in Kharmang of Baltistan & swept. The purse was found by Shabir Hussain from the nearby village during watering plants, later Shabbir contacted the tourist & returned his lost purse. This story caught a lot of attention on social media. The location of this accident was in Kharmang and Shabir Hussain was also a local of this valley.

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