keris valley
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eris valley is the gateway of district Ghanche. A pedestrian bridge caught a lot of fam on social media named as “door to heaven” is located in Keris valley. This valley has the oldest hydel power plant, mystical centuries-old canal build by yak horns, shoyk and Indus river merger point, and shrines of Ameer Mir Mukhtar Akhiyar and Syed Ali Mosvi.

Keris valley

Keris valley is 33km from Skardu city and around 70km from Khaplu. This valley is the last territorial village of district Ghanche. The peoples most linked towards Skardu instead of district headquarter Khaplu.
Keris has two breathtaking hanging bridges; a pedestal hanging bridge and a lightweight vehicle hanging bridge for transportation. Another RCC bridge is under construction which is expected to be operational within a year.

Mir Mukhtar Akhiyar

Above all, Keris Valley is so famous for the first sparking village of Islamic teachings in the region. After Shams-ud-Din Araki’s Islamisation efforts, Mir Mukhtar Akhiyar grabbed the largest followers in no time. Mir Mukhtar’s teaching of Islam attracts the orthodox Buddhist religious followers region converts into fully Muslim territory within years. Mir faced many challenges and escaped multiple murder attempts.
Mir came from Iran to Baltistan along with his family. He started his Islamic teachings in Shigar. Mir was the most trusted member of the royal family in the early periods. His teachings attracted a huge number of followers in no time. After a life escape from Shigar, Mir Mukhtar lived his remaining life in Keris valley.

Jahili rKung of Keris

It’s one of the mystical canals ever build in Baltistan. It is right in the middle of rocks over the village of keris. The only tool used in building this canal was Yak horns.
A group of fanatics started this canal a few centuries back. These fanatics had a firm belief in their struggle but the rest of the public named his project “Jajili rKung” (A canal of Mads or illiterates). This canal is still watering a vast agricultural area to date which is named after the madness of the project initiators.

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