Katishow Valley Kharmang

Katishow Valley Kharmang, An Undiscovered Ether

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Katishow valley Kharmang having 12 mini villages. These villages having hidden jewels within. The whole region having abundant trout fishing points and fresh stream water. Its piece of land having a huge potential for hydel power generation.

Basic living facilities medical and resources are fully available in Hassanabad. The road leading to Katishow valley are muddy and the only capacity of 4x wheeler’s to conquer it.

Like other villages of Baltistan, Katishow having rich fruit gardens. Apricots, apples, peaches, and grabs are the famous fruits of the region.

The best thing about Katishow is its trekking route to Deosai plain. This trekking route remains open throughout the year. This astonishing trek starts from Dappa valley and never ends. It takes around 12 hours to kiss Deosai from Dappa Katishow.

Deosai is the pastureland of Dappa Valley. Cattles and animals of the Katishow region are forced migration to Deosai meadows in summer. Deosai plain is the lifeline of their cattle farming sector. Dappa village is the largest valley by area in Katishow Nala Kharmang.

The basic living of peoples is based less on farming and more on working outside the town. 30% of the population are relocated to major cities of Pakistan as well as foreign countries mostly in UAE for the living of their families. Depending on farming is never endorsed and the whole sector is almost untouched.

Katishow Kharmang

The tourism industry in the Baltistan region caught the jackpot this year, the village-like Katishow and many others are still struggling to showcase their beauty to the world. Heaven-like valleys of mountain-rich regions are needed to explore.

The foods of these villages are fully organic. The mother nature and culture of Balti tribes are alive. The population of this region is 100% Muslim. 

Tourist attraction sites of Katishow Valley Kharmang

Few of many top tourist attraction sites of Katishow:

  • Mouyou Toq
  • Zarung
  • Seersing
  • Shingdong
  • Jarba Xso

Writer: Mansoor Ali
Professional Engineer, Social activist & Writer

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