Kalash festival 2022

Kalash Festival 2022 | Chillam Joshi Festival of Heavenly Kalash Valley

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Kalash Festival which is also called Chillim Joshi festival celebrates spring after the end of deadly winter. This festival is around 4,000 year’s old custom of Kalash valley. Kalash valley depicts the fictional stories of fairyland. This valley is famous for its culture, beautiful people, and scenic valleys. Kalash festival 2022 is celebrating after eid ul fitr.

Kalash valley and Chillim Joshi festival 2022 starts on May 14, 2022, and will end on May 17, 2022. Its four days long festival celebrated in the whole Kalash valley. The expense to join the Joshi festival is around 80,000 rupees to 120,000 rupees.

Kalash festival celebrates every year in May. To witness the Chillam Joshi festival, tourist across the globe turn their way toward Kalash. This festival is the most famous tourist attraction event in Pakistan.

Chillam Joshi Festival celebrates when the mountain ice is melting down and a green curtain starts covering the heavenly valleys. This festival celebrates in all three valleys of Kalash at the same time. The locals of Kalash called it the ‘Joshi festival.’ It is a week-long festival in which every age class of Kalashi people participates. These peoples love to celebrate nature and seasons.

People of Kalash pray for their crops and cattle safety during this festival. This festival is a part of their worship.

Traveling to Kalash from Lahore or Islamabad via road is so easy. The total traveling distance from Lahore to Kalash is 760 kilometers. The road from Lahore to Kalash passes through rivers, heavenly valleys, sky touching mountains, and lush green meadows. The road towards Kalash valley is also good and has clean carpeted.

History of Kalash Valley

The history of Kalash valley is so old it has two narratives. The most followed narrative states that the people of Kalash are from the family of Alexander. Kalashi people are from the tribe of Alexander the Great when he came to Aisa. The second narrative which has less following majority states that Kalashi people were residing there before the time of Alexander. There’s no strong evidence to support any of the narratives.

A historical museum was also built-in Kalash a decade ago to preserve their diminishing culture. The assets in the museum are not older than 200 years thus the archaeological sites of Kalash have around 2,000 years’ old statures. Kalashi people of the twenty-first century are following the same culture they used to be in centuries ago.

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