K2 winter expedition 20-21: story of failure so far

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First Sherpa Team Departed from Skardu to Askole on December 16, 2020 aim to submit the mighty K2, the second highest peak in the world.

Winter expedition may turned to be fatal and notorious for unprofessional and in case of bad weather. Mighty mountains like K2, where the blood freezing temperature stands still even in summer days. Sherpa team including the well known Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara and his son is also making his debut for such a life risking adventure.

Today, they touched -17C at the lowest point, nothing unexpected to them anyway. Everyone is hopeful to kiss the zenith of Godwin Austin in this winter expedition, About 60 climbers from 19 countries are tackling the second highest mountain on earth. Winter climbing on the 8,611-meter-high K2 has been a story of failure so far.

Pakistani-Iceland Team (Sajid Ali, John Snorri, Ali Sadpara) fixed lines all the way up to C1 on K2 today Tomorrow the Team will head back to BC, because they are totally exhausted after this day.

“Today we managed to plot a route to the first high-altitude camp.
Tomorrow we will return to base camp, because after today’s work on the mountain we are very exhausted ” John

No one made a history at K2 by beating the challenge to reach at the peak in winter so far. It’s not that easy by the way, but a courageous man like Ali Sadpara, John and rest of team have the capability to do it.

27 Dec, 2020 Update-2:

Nimsdai written on his blog that reached K2 base camp with his team and feel like home there at BC with local supporters and his climbing cos. The first cold pinch was -24 C.

08 Jan, 2021 updates:

On a personal blog of L. Carlos Garranzo, weather condition on K2 base camp is currently having following states: The current weather is wind 25-35 km / h and temperature between -24 / -35ºC. Also he copied a statement of Sergi that, ““Our heads command more than we think and we have to know how to manage these difficult moments or our dream may be lost. To manage that I use the best of attitudes, the maximum daily smiles and looking for some entertainment that will make the hours go by. “

Alan Arnette on his blog lossing his temperament a bit that “I think no one will summit K2 in January

Pedro Gil pointing towards the hygiene during winter expedition on his blog site in such way that, “We start from the basis that everything is very uncomfortable and that there is a great lack of hygiene. Fortunately, a few years ago it was determined that each expedition had a point to make their depositions ”.

Mighty K2
Pre-expedition training
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