Muhammad Ali Sadpara winter Expedition 2021

K2 Winter Expedition 2021; FULL STORY

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Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s mission to K2 winter expedition 2021

5 Feb, 2021: Via his twitter account “The team left for final summit attack at 12:00 am. It can take up to 14 hours to reach the top. Please pray for the safety of team and all the climbers.” and their last communication from bottleneck at 10:00 PST.

His official account rubbishes the fake news on media and called is shame on journalism. Stay tuned for more updates

07 Feb, 2021: Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Snorri and Jaun are still missing and having no clue. This is the latest update on his official twitter account.

Read full story of winter expedition: Sherpa’s winter summit tale

More than 60 climbers having different country origins took their breath and moved towards the K2 for winter expedition. Sherpa expedition team was the first team to reach at Skardu dated on 16 December 2020.

Pakistani-Iceland Team (Sajid Ali, John Snorri, Ali Sadpara) fixed lines all the way up to C1 on #K2 today. Tomorrow the Team will head back to BC, because they are totally exhausted after this day (this update was dated on 17 December 2020).

Winter expedition may turned to be fatal and notorious for unprofessional and in case of bad weather. Mighty mountains like K2, where the blood freezing temperature stands still even in summer days. Sherpa team including the well known Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara and his son is also making his debut for such a life risking adventure.

Sherpa Team

They touched -17C at the lowest point, nothing unexpected to them anyway. Everyone is hopeful to kiss the zenith of Godwin Austin in this winter expedition, About 60 climbers from 19 countries are tackling the second highest mountain on earth. Winter climbing on the 8,611-meter-high K2 has been a story of failure so far.

During the winter expedition of 2020-21, K2 took life of a Spanish climber Mr Sergio Minote Moreno. K2 is known to be the most difficult and dangerous to climb mountains in the world, K2 usually took life of 1 out of every 4 summit. This dead news of Sergio Minote comes at the same day, when the world was celebrating the success of Sherpas summit.

After a month of struggle and hardship, Nepalese team make history. History made on the “Savage Mountain” with first-ever winter ascent of K2! Snow capped mountain.

  • First summit July 1954
  • First Winter summit Jan 2021

Ministry of information then officially announced the summit and will be written in history.

On 17 December 2021, All K2 winter 21 summiteers safely descent back to C3 where 8 of them will spend the night. Sona Sherpa and Galje Sherpa have decided to continue descending down to Base camp.

Soon after reaching at base camp, commander FCNA reached to welcome the summiters, also a canadian award winner is flying to K2 base camp to film a documentary on 2021 winter expedition. The key aims of this documentary is to shed light on Sherpas success as well to appreciate the back end effort of locals and tourism promotion in Pakistan. Pakistan air force helicopter is along with him during the process to get it done timely and finely.

Commander FCNA welcoming Sherpas

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