Missing heroes at K2 during winter expedition

K2 summit controversy

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The majority of the mountaineering community around the globe are criticizing today’s K2 summit mission. Remembering Ali Sadpara’s spirit to be involved in rescue missions and mentioning Jhon Snorri on high notes as well.

Today summiteer of K2 didn’t bother to help Sajid Sadpara in evacuating his father’s body just below the bottleneck. Bodies of three missing climbers are identified a day before the summit push. All the summiteer including six local climbers continued their mission. This makes today’s K2 summit a controversy.

A comment that teared me up while reading is, “Ali used to participate in rescues all the time. Because he was better than all of you. You may do the 14 peaks, still, you’ll be the dust under Ali’s boots. One day the frozen forgotten body will be you with no one to help.”

Sometimes the summit is not the higher place a human can get to.

The K2 summit controversy in the current scenario is valid and It not important what you achieve but how you achieve it.

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