K2 summer 2021 expedition summary

K2 Summer 2021 Expedition Summary; Glories, Missions and Controversies

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48 is the record number of K2 summits on K2 in a single expedition season. Total summits of 48 are the first-ever instance in history on K2 in an expedition season. K2 Summer 2021 Expedition Summary as detailed down below:

17 Nepalis summited K2 this summer and second-highest by Pakistani climbers which are ten in total. 10 summits in a single season by Pakistanis is also a record by till date.

Total of 48 summits include with Oxygen fortysix and without Oxygen two.

First Summit Day on K2; 27 July, 2021

  1. Mr. Lakpa Sherpa                     
  2. Mr. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa  
  3. Mr. Sanu Sherpa  
  4. Mr. Pemba Rita Sherpa  
  5. Mr. Lakpa Gyalzen Sherpa  
  6. Mr. Chhiring Namgel Sherpa  
  7. Mr. Pemba Dorchee Sherpa  
  8. Mr. Tashi Sherpa  
  9. Mr. Valentyn Sypavin   
  10. Mr. Pavel Sidorenko   
  11. Ms. Olga Koroleva   
  12. Mr. Aleksander Logachev   
  13. Mr. Kirill Semeshkin   
  14. Mr. Vladimir Belkovich   
  15. Ms. Irina Galay   
  16. Mr. Dmytro Semerenko   
  17. Mr. Shehroze Kashif   
  18. Mr. Muhammad Shareef   
  19. Ali Durani   
  20. Muhammad Hassan Hushe   
  21. Mushtaq Ahmad   
  22. Usuf Meeri   

Second Summit Day; 28 July, 2021

  1. Garret Madison   
  2. Conan Bliss   
  3. Robert Smith   
  4. Rebecca Ferry   
  5. Jon Gupta   
  6. Chase Merriam  
  7. Kenton Cool  
  8. Robert Lucas  
  9. Oskana Litynska  
  10. Aang Phurba Sherpa  
  11. Siddhi Bahadur Tamang  
  12. Darje Gyeljen Sherpa  
  13. Pasdawa Sherpa  
  14. Kamdorji Sherpa  
  15. Mingdorchi Sherpa  
  16. Dawa Nupa Sherpa  
  17. Lhakpa Wongchu Sherpa  
  18. Mingmar Sherpa  
  19. Muhammad Ali  
  20. Hussain Ali   
  21. Zakir Hussain  
  22. Sajid Sadpara   
  23. Elja Sakhali   
  24. Sherpa PK   
  25. Hugo Ayaviri (Without Oxygen)
  26. Neils Jasper (Without Oxygen)

Records and Recognitions of K2 Summer 2021

Without Oxygen & Double Header Broad Peak & K2 in one go by Hugo Ayaviri and Neils Jasper. Hugo Ayaviri supported Sajid Sadpara to pull down the body of Pakistani great mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara. 

They climbed K2 on 28th July at 9:30 am PST, only 10 days after climbing Broad Peak on 18th July at 3:15 pm PST as well without oxygen.

K2 summit in a career-Youngest in the world

Shehroze Kashif became the youngest ever to summit K2. He also holds the same record on Broad Peak which earned him the title of Broad Boy. Shehroze holds the record of youngest Pakistani to summit Mt. Everest.

Shehroze Kashif

2nd K2 summit in a career-Youngest in the world

Sajid Sadpara scaled K2 for the second time in his mountaineering career. His first summit was in 2018 at the age of 20. Now, he holds the record of youngest in the world to summit K2 twice.

2nd summit in career

Ali Durani from Pakistan became the 2nd youngest in the world.

3rd K2 summit in career

Garret Madison from the U.S equaled the record of the K2 summit thrice in their career. Fazal Ali’s 4th times K2 summit news was not true and dusted by Fazal’s family.

Sajid Sadpara’s accomplished mission

Elia Saikaly, Sajid Sadpara, and PK Sherpa remained two nights at C4 without supplemental oxygen. Sajid worked two days above 8000m to secure bodies, went for the summit, and brought back his father’s body 400m down. The iron man Sajid was the man who made the 2021 expedition so distinctive and set an example of resilience against the hardships of life. His efforts to secure the body of his father were matchless, equal to none.

Last resting place of Muhammad Ali Sadpara

The whole data of K2 Summer 2021 Expedition Summary are collected from different sources and most of the data taken from the account to Imran Thaheem. Follow him on twitter via @imranthaheem514

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