K2 expedition 2022 updates

Karakoram Expedition 2022 Updates | Expedition in Pakistan

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K2 summer expedition 2022 is going to start in July. The first rotation of climbers is heading towards Concordia by Monday 20 June. This summer expedition going to be more exciting as a great number of new climbers reached Skardu.

Every mountaineer has its own mission. For the pursuation of life goals, hundreds of mountaineers reached Skardu and headed towards the world’s second-highest mountain.

Sajid Sadpara is resuming back his mountaineering mission after an illness in Nepal. Stefi Troguet is teaming up with Sajid Sadpara for her upcoming K2 and Broadk Peak expedition 2022. Stefi and the late father of Sajid, Muhammad Sadpara submitted Nanga Parbat back in 2019. This summer, Stefi Troguet is aiming for K2 and Broad Peak.

What Stefi Said about Himalayan mountains: Death and pain are cards in the deck we play within the Himalayas.

Stefi Troguet K2 expedition 2022
Stefi Troguet K2 expedition 2022

Sajid Sadpara summitted K2 twice and he is stepping again for the third time. The mountaineering community showed a lot of affection when the news of the Sajid K2 expedition burst out in the media.

Another lion-hearted woman Jill Wheatley pursuing her project of ‘Vision 8000’. After the life-threatening accident during her first expedition, she challenged her capabilities. To date, she conquered four 8000ers. Wheatley will be going for K2, Nanga Parbat, and Broad Peak this summer.

Jill Wheatley K2 expedition 2022

Jill Wheatley K2 expedition 2022

Wajid Nagri along with Jill Wheatley left for K2 expedition 2022. He was rescued last winter from Nanga Parbat due to bad weather. A very strong and brave-hearted mountaineer from Pakistan.

Jill Wheatley with Wajid Nagri wil be trying K2, Nanga Parbat and Broad Peak during Pakistan summer expedition 2022.

Wasfia Nazreen from Bangladesh arrived at Skardu for K2 expedition 2022. She is the first Bangladeshi to complete seven summit. National Geography also recongnized her as one of the adventurers of 2014/2015.

Wasfia Nazreen on K2 expedition 2022

Wasfia Nazreen on K2 expedition 2022

Mingma G is back to K2 basecamp again. Mingna G stated in an interview that Sherpas will be leading the rope fixing team. Sherpas have reached Skardu and left for basecamp by June 20, 2022.

Naila Kiani, Samina Baig, Wajid Nagri, team Abdul Joshi and many other Pakistani climbers are aiming K2 this summer.

Expedition in Pakistan is a lot tougher than in Nepal. The weather in the Himalayas is so unpredictable and deadly. The rescuing facility in Pakistan is near to none compared to Nepal. At the same time, mountaineers have to pay up to five times more for an expedition in Pakistan than in Nepal.

K2 Expedition 2022 Updates

Team aiming K2 this summer are out there at basecamp. They all acclimatized themselves well. Few team are going for their first rotation on July 7, 2022.

The first summit of K2 done by five members of Sherpas rope fixing team on July 21, 2022.

The five members of rope fixing Sherpas who summits K2 are:

  1. Pasdawa Sherpa
  2. Chhiring Namgyal
  3. Siddhi Ghising
  4. Dorjee Gyelzen Sherpa
  5. Rinji Sherpa

Many other climbers are at C4 to get a good window.

Broad Peak Expedition 2022 Updates

Shareef Sadpara lost his life during summer expedition 2022. Shareef Sadpara is reportedly fallen near the summit ridge of Broad Peak towards the Chinese side. This point is the most technical point while summitting Broad Peak. Other members of his team also aborted summit plan.

Mr. Dawa Jangbu Lama Sherpa and his team ascended Broad Peak on July 5, 2022.

Benjamin Vedrines did a New world record from Base camp to the Mount Briad peak summit of Broad Peak in 7 hours. This is the first time ever on 8000M done by Benjamin. He came back from summit by Paragliding.

This year, the list of summiteers of Broad Peak are:

Summits on July 19, 2022:

  1. The Earth’s Bartek 🇵🇱
  2. Peter Krzy 🇵🇱owski 🇵🇱
  3. Radek Wo Radniak🇵🇱
  4. Mariusz Hatala 🇵🇱
  5. Kamil Kozłowski 🇵🇱
  6. Saulius Damulevicius 🇱🇹
  7. Denis Urubko 🇷🇺🇵🇱 (non stop ascent in 21 hours BC-Cumbre-BC)

Summits on July 20, 2022:

  1. Little Hussain 🇵🇰 (HAP)
  2. Alex Grigorescu 🇷🇴

Nanga Parbat Expedition 2022 Updates

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita scaled Nanga Parbat on July 1st, 2022. Lhamu became the first Nepali women to have climbed the 9th highest mountain Nangna Parbat (8126 m).

Pakistani mountaineering sensations Fazal Ali (Hunza Shimshal) and Shehroze kashif (Lahore) summits Nanga Parbat. While their way back to basecamp, stucked above 7300+ meters due to bad weather. Both spend a night in open sky and started decending on next day, but unfortunately unable to wayback to basecamp.

They remained above 7000 meters for more than 50 hours. Due to bad weather, authorities unable to perform rescue operation on Nanga Parbat.

Finally, the lion-heart team consists of these two decend back to camp-2 on their own. They have been lifted by heli from C-1. The Killer-Mountain failed to beat these two iron men.

Imtiaz Sadpara and Hasan Shigri summits Nanga Parbat. They were stranded during descent and after spending more than 2 days on Nanga Parbat. Finally back to Basecamp with good health and zero injury. Both hoisted the green flag at the top of Nanga Parbat on July 10, 2022. Stranded due to bad weather and back to Basecamp at night on July 13, 2022.

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