K2 basecamp diaries

Best Advices to follow before going to K2 basecamp trekking

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Arrive in Skardu a few days before the trek starts. At least two days ago. It is better to hike Kharpocho rocks. Specially those who go by air must do it. This will acclimatize your body which helps to bear the roughness of K2 basecamp trekking.

On the day the journey starts from Skardu, the jeep travels for 8 to 9 hours from Skardu to last village of Shigar. Usually, the company will have the best lunch at a place in the middle.

Jeep stops at the Jhula camp site where you will find a washroom. All you have to do is hold the door yourself. The company will set up a room tent for you, as well as a kitchen tent and a mess tent. In the mess tent you will have chairs, tables, generators, charging, etc. Dinner will be served in the kitchen tent for whole group of trekkers. Remember this is the last day you will get three meals a day. This will be followed by breakfast, refreshments and dinner. Understand that this whole package is being put to you for slaughter the next day.

The next morning, the weight of all the goods is checked with the scales. This is where the goods are distributed among the porters. Identify the porter who is carrying your bag so that if you have any problem or need any of the luggage, grab the servant.

Your jeeps will return back to Skardu and your trek starts. Trekkers usually left at 8 in the morning. This is the hardest day. The road is barren, rocky, hot and hot. After a while you will start to get tired. Requires frequent watering. Even after applying the sunblock well, cover your face with a hat or handkerchief. Payo camp point is more than 20 km from Jhula camp. This is too much for the first day. One or two places along the way will find a place to escape from the sun in the shadow of the rocks. Pray for the clouds to come.

Ask the guide how far there is now, he will say that the green in front is green, the green patch is just that.

You will be in the morning from evening to evening. The guide’s statement will change. It seems as if that greenery is also running ahead with you. Well, we had reached the west. All the members were helpless and did not dare to talk to each other. Remember, on the first day, you get an idea of ​​who is having shortness of breath, who has blisters on their legs, who has headache and vomiting. Team members take care of each other. As far as the feet, knees or legs are concerned, you can continue your journey on horseback. Return is better if there are effects of breath or height. Consult a guide. No one can tell you better than an expert guide with you.

You will have breakfast at 7am, tea and noodles in the afternoon. But at night everyone will going to sleep with empty abdomen. It was really a green patch. From a barren land we suddenly reached the trees and walk a few steps then barren.

And the reason for this greenery was water. When a spring comes out of nowhere, that place turns green. And the camp is done where there is water.

Every next day will be hotter and sunny. After walking few hundreds kilometers, the glacier starts. But the heat will continue to increase. The track beyond Payo becomes a bit difficult. Sometimes up and sometimes down on boulders. The water bottle runs out soon. Try to take ORS on a daily basis and dissolve it in your bottle every morning. This is very important. Drink only when you feel thirsty. The Trango Towers will come along the way during trekking to K2 basecamp. Tracked till evening. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love begins! Pay close attention to your health. No one knows you better than yourself.

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