Jill Wheatley's Project vision 8000ers

Jill Wheatley’s Project ‘Vision 8000’ | Challenging the mountains of mind

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Anger, aggression, disbelief, darkness, and exhaustion before i actually started. Jill Wheatley’s first expedition was one of survival. Wheatley gone through with 70% vision loss, severe eating disorders left her no reason to fight for her life.

“Mountains allow me to make sense of the chaos that surfaces among crowds and questions, stares, cities. from tales of getting lost to finding myself at Manaslu. And then climbing up to the serene summit of Manaslu. The challenge of climbing 8000+ peaks is not tough as the traumatic challenge I went through. Challenging the mountains of my mind.” Jill Wheatley

Jill Wheatley is pursuing the project ‘Vision 8000’ to climb all fourteen 8000ers peaks in the world. She aimed to break down the stigma associated with traumatic brain injury, vision loss, and eating disorders. Through such challenging mountain experiences, others will witness the power of perspective and possibility despite adversity.

Jill Wheatley is currently aiming to summit K2, Nanga Parbat and Broad Peak this summer. Wajid Nagri (Pakistani Mountaineer) is along with Wheatley.

Jill Wheatley while pursuing VISION 8000:

Everest8848 m
K28611 mMission 2022
Kanchenjunga8586 mSummitted
Lhotse8516 m
Makalu8463 mSummitted
Cho Oyu8201 m
Dhaulagiri8167 mSummitted
Manaslu8163 mSummitted
Nanga Parbat8125 mMission 2022
Annapurna8091 m
Gasherbrum 18068 m
Broak Peak8047 mMission 2022
Gasherbrum 28035 m
Shishpangma8012 m

Jill Wheatly is not only a mountaineer but also a mountain runner, ice climber, and ski mountaineer. Her golden words of ‘challenging the mountains of my mind are so inspirational. Women like her have the power of ignition to enlighten generations.

More power to Jill Wheatly, a brave mountaineer on a project ‘VISION 8000’.

Reach out Wheatley at following links: Photos, Website

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