ISI and Afghan Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

ISI and Afghan Taliban Takeover, A mine of secrets to explode

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Afghanistan is taken over by the Talibans on Sunday, August 15, 2021. All the key stakeholders of the Afghan government fled to different countries including President Ashraf Ghani. Many media outfits are speculating different analyses regarding the capturing of command in Afghanistan. As expected, Indian media outfits are associating ISI and Afghan Taliban takeover. This allegation is all futile and we are presenting few solid arguments to support it.

Indian media puppets are referencing General Hameed Gul’s statement, “ISI has defeated USSR with the Help of America, and ISI will defeat America with the help of America in Afghanistan.”

Pakistan made two big mistakes in Afghanistan in past. One is supporting the U.S to defeat the Soviet Union by organizing a gorilla war force. Which backfired Pakistan when the ISI-trained militia turns their back and fought back to the state in Waziristan. The second instance was by facilitating the U.S again in the Afghan war.

Every country fights for its interest irrespective of any bond. Iran, China, Russia, and Pakistan are far nearer to Afghanistan now than U.S, India, U.K, and their allies. As far as the historic correlations, ISI and Afghan Taliban takeover relations are not making any sense.

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