Skardu Shigar bridge in winter

Is Skardu open in winter?

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Skardu remains open throughout the year. In winter, air traveling becomes unpredictable due to rapid weather changes. Most of the times, the only PIA flight either delay or cancel due to bad weather. By road, traveling remains open with no hurdle. Skardu open in winter for tourism.
The Winter season in Skardu starts from the end last week of August to mid of March. The snow falling months in Baltistan in between December to February. The whole region surrounds by snowflakes during these hardest months.

The weather of the Skardu and Baltistan region in winter remains cloudy most of the times. Which makes it almost impossible for mountaineers to summit K2 during their expedition. The temperature falls up to -25°C. The average temperature in winter is -10°C to -15°C.

Life hustles deaccelerate a bit in blood freezing winter but Skardu remains open in winter. Except Deosai, all other top tourist destinations of Skardu also easily reachable for tourist.

Few FAQs about Skardu are:

Where is Skardu valley located?

Skardu is located at the northern side of Pakistan. Skardu is the border line of Pakistan to China and India.

What is the capital of Skardu?

Skardu is the capital of Baltistan district. Skardu is a major city of Baltistan division and it has no capital by its own.

Can you see K2 from Skardu?

K2 peak cannot be seen from Skardu city. The only viewpoint of K2 is Concordia or K2 viewpoint is around 2 hour trekking from Hushe Valley Khaplu.

Is there snowfall in Skardu?

Snowfall starts in Skardu from the mid of December and end in last week of February.

Can we visit Skardu in December?

Skardu remains open throughout the year. Tourist activities and most of the tourist destinations remain closed in December due to heavy snow and blood freezing cold.

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