Is it safe to travel Skardu.

Is it safe to go to Skardu?

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Skardu is safe tourist destination. The crime rate of Skardu is less than any districts of 4 provinces of Pakistan.

People feels safe during day and night time hanging alone anywhere in Skardu. There’s no robbery case of tourist. Even tour guides used to charge very fair amount. Peoples all over Baltistan are very peaceful. Crime index of Skardu is less than Paris, London and Singapore.

All four districts of Baltistan region; Skardu, Shigar, Kharmang and Ghanche have very low crime rate. No murder case in last 10 years in the region. No criminal case with tourist and travelers reported in last 5 years.

Additionally, tourist police of Gilgit Baltistan is an instant call away from the tourist.

My recommendation is to visit Skardu, it’s the safest tourist destination of Pakistan. Skardu is safe to travel for families, friends and a person alone.

Khaplu Ghanche has the record of no crime case registered in a calendar a year in 2017. No murder case in last two decades.

A survey report of safety index of Skardu are:

Crime type/categorySafety Index
General crime level50
Assaulted or mugged in the street75.99
Home and property robbery75.99
Street attack rates69.37
Racist insults and racial bullying63.62
Car and motor vehicle theft75
Administrative bribery and corruption rates50.99
Vandalism and public property destruction57.12
Personal items stolen from car76.49
Verbal abuse down the street58.42
Drug dealing and street gangs75.5
Crime rates increase during last 5 years88
Armed robbery – people and property69.68
Worries when walking safety at night100
Worries when walking during daytime100
Crime index in Skardu68.82

For survey data reference CLICK HERE

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