Is Hunza open in winter?
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Hunza remains open throughout the year. Anyone can travel to Hunza any time from January to December. The road connecting Hunza from the rest of the world remains open in blood-freezing winter and during the tourism peak season of majestic summer.

Hunza is just like the other regions of Gilgit Baltistan. In winter, very few villages of GB are cut-off from the nearby regions such as Gultari, Hushey, and Deosai plains.

Winter Tourism in Hunza

In winter, all the tourist spots are faded off. There will be no traces of greenery that can be seen anywhere. Atta-Abad Lake also freezes like an ice hockey ground. The intensity of coldness in winter is also almost unbearable for the habitats of down regions.

The only best thing of winter in Hunza is ice hockey. Hunza is conducting a local ice hockey tournament for the last few years which attracting so many domestic tourists. In this iconic game, both males and females participate.

It is highly recommended to travel to Hunza in summer from May to August. In winter, there’s not much thrill and excitement in Hunza. Locals also used to move to down cities to escape from the harsh winter.

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