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Imran Khan released, Khan’s political struggle at the pivot point

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Imran Khan has been released from court. This judicial counter fight against the political thugs of Pakistan by Imran Khan turned the coin of political game. Khan turned out to be the strongest man to challenge all political parties, army and the hidden powers of Pakistan alone. In past history, those who challenge the system had been either killed or kidnapped in such fabricated stories by political hooligans.

The role of Pakistan army in current situation is something no one expecting from them. ISPR looks directly involving the institution in the political power game, which is no right. The aftermath of this uncalculated involvement damaged the institutional reputation among the public. Most interestingly, Khan was known to be the favorite person of men in uniform during Khan’s fueling his political party.

Imran Khan had a long and challenging political struggle that lasted for over two decades. He entered politics in 1996 by founding his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), with a vision to eradicate corruption, bring social justice and establish an Islamic welfare state in Pakistan.

During his initial years, Imran Khan faced many challenges, including a lack of political support and financial resources. Despite this, he continued to work hard and travel across the country to gain support for his party. However, his early political career was marked by a lack of success in elections, and PTI remained a small party for many years.

One of the biggest challenges Imran Khan faced was the allegation of being a “favourite” of the military establishment. He was accused of being a puppet in the hands of the military and intelligence agencies, which damaged his credibility in the eyes of many Pakistanis. Additionally, his stance on certain issues, such as the war on terror and drone strikes, was also criticized by some sections of society.

Despite these challenges, Imran Khan remained steadfast in his political journey and continued to work towards his vision. He focused on building his party from the grassroots level, and PTI’s popularity gradually increased over time. In 2013, PTI emerged as the third-largest party in Pakistan’s general elections, winning 35 seats in the National Assembly.

Finally, in the 2018 elections, Imran Khan and his party achieved a historic victory, securing a majority in the National Assembly and forming the government. This was a significant moment in Imran Khan’s political career and marked a new chapter in Pakistan’s political history.

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