Imran Khan arrested, Twitter & Facebook is blocked in Pakistan

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All social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook current blocked in Pakistan. The reason for restricting social media in Pakistan is to control flow of information across the country to neutralize the public. Which are currently on the road to protest against the arrest Imran Khan.

The so call free speech is a fictional word in Pakistan. Every government controls the media through different means for their own interest. But the current regime in Pakistan is leading the country towards a disaster.

The public of Pakistan is so angry towards the Pakistan army, not because of their action but the propaganda spread by political parties. This propaganda machine was first started by Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Nawaz Sharif. First time in last two decades Nawaz Sharif bashed on Pakistan army for not supporting his political interest back in 2015. The same pattern was followed by prime Minister Imran Khan as well.

But in the previous two years, the reactive behaviour of the Pakistan army resulted in the damage of their public image. The current time roughly 30% of the public either waiting are showing their disagreement with the Pakistan army. This sould be a point of concern for Pakistan itself for our own social security in our country’s interests.

The political unrest in the country amidst of Imran Khan arrest is so huge. The law enforcement agencies look helpless to control the situation in the country. Mobile networks are down in major cities, internet facilities are also down throughout the country

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