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Imran Khan PAID me to write in his favour | Truth EXPOSED

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Every political act against Imran Khan is favoring him by every means. The opposition party PDM is habitual of dirty political play but the scenario is so different from a decade back. The old political ruling tactic was spreading misinformation and controlling the media mouths. Political history shown us many pictures such as Benazir Bhutto’s defamation, false information by Zia, and media dictation by Musharraf.

Imran Khan’s ruling fashion is completely different from the last 75 years of political history. Khan kept himself accountable before the public in every state matter and most importantly kept youth well aware of the reasons behind political imbalance. The optimistic leadership style of Imran Khan automatically worked for him whenever the opposition tried to defame Khan.

The old political mafias Shareef and Zardari’s families are simply ruling this country as their colony. They work for their businesses, property building in Europe, corruption, and exploitation of people’s resources. These two families grew up under the shelter of uniform persons. Soon after getting a lot more money than they deserved, the first man to promote narratives of COAS involvement in political decisions was Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N. Nawaz was disqualified for being caught in corruption, he blamed the whole institution. When it comes to Imran Khan, he allegedly blamed a single person instead of blaming the whole army.

Imran Khan is intellectually far more competent and suitable to lead Pakistan than anyone else at the current time. Khan’s proposed financial decisions and policies during his last tenure were very phenomenal. He supported agriculture, discouraged import specifically food products that can be produced easily in our country, and many other policy changes. Soon after removing him from the government by so VNC, the new government dusted all. The purpose of removing all good policies of Imran Khan is to spread false information about him and to keep him away from political hooliganism.

Imran Khan is neither against the army nor supports them. Khan’s priority is to see a developing Pakistan, economically stable Pakistan, and a sovereign Islamic state. No one paid me any peny, i just supporting the truth and what best in the interest of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

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