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Police attempting to arrest Imran Khan from Zaman Park Lahore, LIVE UPDATES

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Imran Khan is fighting for the freedom of Pakistan from so called political mafias. Islamabad police, Panjab police and rangers are currently around Zaman Park to arrest Imran Khan. There are multiple disturbing videos circulation on social media that police are trying to be on the commanding seat to arrest the public leader Imran Khan.

Lahore Police, then Islamabad Police, then Special Force, then unknown persons and now Rangers Zaman Pakistan arrived to arrest only one person. Imran Khan is live on one of the International media outlet and showing them these expired shells used against his workers and fired at his residency, Zaman Park.

Shells fired at Imran Khan residency at Zaman Park Lahore

Supporters of Imran Khan and PTI workers are rushing towards Zaman Park to resist against police. Law enforcement agencies are trying to arrest Khan but unable to break the resistance of his supporters.

While the court delayed hearing of his arrest warrant case till tomorrow. Pakistan is speeding towards a political chaos.

Imran Khan just released a video message to his supporter to be firm with the ideology. He repeatedly said that keep fighting for the political freedom. Khan’s message got nearly million views within 30 minutes. Public of Pakistan wants Imran Khan, in current political turmoil the only man leading the masses is the KHAN.

The only sologan everyone is chanting right now is, “Imran Khan is our red line”.

This is a developing story…

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