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Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza; A trembly connection to fairyland

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Hussaini suspension bridge is located very next to Passu Hunza. This perilous and splendid bridge is located at 40 minutes hiking distance from Passu. The hiking route is smooth enough which makes it possible to anyone can peddle off on this route. The number of steps to cross the bridge is approximately 400. We can roughly estimate the length of this bridge from 900 tom1000 feet. One of the most distinctive and protracted hanging bridges in Gilgit Baltistan. The design of this bridge is well-engineered by hanging from both ends. High-speed wind makes it almost impossible to cross. Hussaini bridge is one of the few viewpoints of Passu cones.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge Hunza

This bridge is about 30 years old which is recently maintained by local authorities. It’s a river crossing point of local which connects two villages. The longest pedestrian bridge exists in Pakistan.
One most surprising thing to do before making your final touch at Hussaini Hanging Bridge Hunza is to submit your memory. Yes, submit your trip memory to a local shop over there. This idea was put up back in 2018 by a local lady. Like evry idea emerged, this one also got a boom, till now she has collected more than 2000 written notes on currencies, stones, pieces of jewelry, and papers. Hussaini bridge is among the top tourist points of Hunza and part of Asia’s first plastic free zone of Hunza Valley.

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