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Speciality of Hunza valley, how Hunza became a top tourist destination?

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Hunza Valley the top tourist destination of 2021. Karimabad is the headquarter of the Hunza district. Hunza was the juncture of the trade-in past between China, Central Asia, and India for centuries. Before the 15th century, the Hunza region was an independent state, Ali Sher Khan Anchan invaded this region and expanded his dynasty which remains till mid 17th century. The iconic Baltit fort was built in the era of Ali Sher Khan Anchan. Weather of Hunza in summer is an ideal one for tourist from cities like Karachi, Lahore etc. womens of Hunza are very empowered as compared to other areas of GB. Describing speciality of Hunza valley in detail, that why peoples love to travel this mountain covered region.

The tourist inflow in Hunza Valley is greater than any other district of GB. The reason, why speciality of Hunza valley is so famous enlisted below:

  • Positive Image of Society
  • Altit Fort
  • Baltit Fort
  • Women empowerment
  • Local businesses as a tourist attraction tool

Positive Image of the Society

Speciality of Hunza valley includes the lowest crime rate, highest literacy rate, and highest average age in Pakistan. At the same time, the peoples of Hunza are very actively and diligently playing to promote tourism in the region. The positive image among the people is much more than a top tourist destination.

The zero plastic campaign started almost a half-decade back in Hunza when the majority of Pakistan was unaware of the climate-changing issues. Recently, Hunza is declared as the plastic-free region in Asia not only in Pakistan. These small steps play a vital role in achieving the major goals. Now, Hunza Valley the top tourist destination of 2021 in Pakistan after Sawat.

Social togetherness in Hunza valley is also accelerating them towards their destination to become the top tourist spot of Pakistan. The whole of Gilgit Baltistan including Khaplu, Skardu, Ghizer, Diamer, and Gilgit having the same landscape, springs, rivers, and mountains. The only reason, why Hunza is so famous is their collateral effort to present a positive image around the world.

Top tourist destinations of Hunza

Altit Fort

This royal palace in design is nothing more than a mystery. Which is one of the top tourist destinations of Hunza. One thing is common in all the royal residences of the mountainous region from Ladakh to Hunza, which is the pick the location to swiftly monitor. The communication and spying concept was not that much strong in the region despite being Kotlia Chanakiya’s neighboring state. The king only relies on the border monitoring force.

So, Altit was designed at the highest point of the city, having all public dealing offices including the king’s residency under one roof. Judiciary, tax collection, legal trials, and even prisoners were also kept in the same palace. The concept was to avoid any spillage of power from the ruler, which he governed under the supervision under one roof.

Historic data reveals that, same architectural legacy came from Iran to Baltistan after the inception of the religion through religious peers. Which expanded in nearby areas during the golden period of the Maqpon family in the 15th to mid 17th century.

Baltit Fort

As stated above, the basic design concept of Altit fort and Baltit fort is very same. The only difference is the front appearance of the palace. This was built in the era of Ali Sher Khan Anchan from the Maqpon family of Baltistan. The same mystical design can be seen in Khaplu- Yabgo Khar. Baltit fort is the second most visited top tourist destinations of Hunza after Altit fort.

Historic narrators used to say that, In this design, the wooden supports are interconnection throughout the building. Not a single wooden piece is independent, in case of any danger to the kingdom. The master man can collapse the whole palace by removing the key piece. This fact is unproven and unknown, but highly possible that some sort of mechanism may be there to keep the royal secrets out of the enemy’s hands. All top 5 fort of Gilgit Baltistan having same architectural design followed.

Empowered Womens in Hunza

Women empowerment in Hunza is also incomparable, womens of Hunza are very empowered. In Hunza, majority of local businesses run by women and all sort of local embroidery products such are made by and sold by the local women. Which basically reflects the positive image and gives the impression to the world that “How safe is Hunza”. Results in getting the tag of ‘Hunza Valley the top tourist destination of 2021’.

Local Businesses as Tourist Attraction Tools

Habitants of Hunza are more than a decade ahead as compare to the rest of Gilgit Baltistan. In Hunza, you can get local products on every nest door. These local products are themselves not generating a lot of money. But the marketing of the region via these tiny items is very huge. Hunza is the biggest emerging tourist market of Pakistan today just because of such small strategies they applied a half-decade ago. All these small businesses run by empowered womens of Hunza.

Local Products as Advertisers

When a tourist or traveller bring something from Hunza to back home in lower areas of Pakistan, peoples within the social circle will surely ask about the products and the speciality. Which indirectly gives the impression of Hunza and that small steps ultimately turns into large goals; millions of tourist and travellers each year. Womens of Hunza are doing these local product manufacturing extremely well.

The whole region should learn from Majestic Hunza Valley.

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