What is Hunza known for?

Fairy-tale of a twin village; Hunza and Nagar

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land nestled amidst towering mountains and lush
valleys, there existed two twin villages named Hunza and Nagar. These villages
were not only physically close to each other but also shared a deep bond of
friendship and unity. Years ago, each village had its own prince who ruled with
kindness and wisdom. Despite their distinct leadership, the people of Hunza and
Nagar considered themselves as one big family.

One of the most remarkable traditions between the two villages was the act of
sharing (hin hin ar laav acham khabar gany). This loaf symbolized the unbreakable
bond between the villagers. No matter what hardships they faced, they knew they
could rely on each other for support and sustenance. They worked side by side in
their fields, building houses, and during times of celebration, they would come
together to dance, sing, and feast, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and
togetherness. Their sense of belongingness was not confined to their villages alone;
it extended to all of mankind. The people of Hunza and Nagar believed that their
harmonious relationship set an example for other societies. They held onto the
belief that by nurturing kindness and understanding, they could inspire peace and
tranquility among all people.

As the years passed, the twin villages of Hunza and Nagar continued to thrive. The
villages flourished, not just in terms of prosperity but also in the hearts of their
people. The story of their friendship and unity spread far and wide, becoming a
legend that reminded everyone about the power of compassion and cooperation.
And so, the legacy of Hunza and Nagar lives indicates the extraordinary impact
that unity, shared values, and a spirit of togetherness. Their story teaches us that by
extending a hand of friendship and standing together, we can create a peaceful and
placid aura that transcends boundaries and benefits all of humankind and now the
twin villages transformed into twin districts, Hunza District and Nagar
District. Hunza and Nagar inspire people far and wide. Travelers from distant
lands visited the twin districts to witness the remarkable unity and explore to old
jewels like forts and other ancient places that had persisted through generations.

Article by: Nadia Ali

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