Is Hunza open in winter?
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Hunza the once princely state is open throughout the year and can go to Hunza in any season. In winter, tourism almost diminishes in Hunza. In winter, there will be no traces of greenery can be found in Hunza and the whole region remains under the snow curtain.

Atta-Abad Lake, mountain peaks; Ultar Sar, Hunza Peak, and Passu Peak have breathtaking views in winter.

Winter tourism in Hunza

The Winter tour season of Hunza starts from the month of November to February. The packages of winter tourism in Hunza are; ice hockey, frozen Atta-Abad Lake, and snow-falling.

Hunza is the only region in Pakistan having snow hockey. This sport catches much fame in no time and hundreds of tourists rush towards Hunza during the festival.

Atta-Abad Lake in winter

Frozen Atta-Abad Lake holds the most amazing view. The mighty lake turned into an ice park in winter and even mini cars can drive over the lake. Car drifting over the frozen lake is one of the most captured moments of Hunza in winter.

Is it good to visit Hunza in December?

From a tourist point of view, visiting Hunza in December is not so worthful. The deep freeze winter seizes all the hustle there during December and January.

Which month is best for Hunza?

the best moments months vise in Hunza for tourists:

  • March and April: Cherry blossom season at its peak.
  • May and June: like and newborn after winter, cherry season.
  • July and August: the peak season of tourism, apricot season.
  • September and October: tourism at its full maturity and most importantly this is the season of Hunza Apple, Peach, Grapes, and other famous fruits.
  • November: fall season in Hunza, best for capturing the region in yellow.
  • December to February: the peak winter, ice hockey, frozen lake.

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