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Hunza Valley Asia’s First Plastic Free Zone

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Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is the emerging tourist point in Gilgit Baltistan as well as in Pakistan. Hunza is now a brand and every single travel enthusiast, youtuber and blogger is rushing towards this heavenly valley. The reason is everyone within and across the boarder is either visiting or searching Hunza to see the majestic scenes. People of Hunza dared to the world by making the region a “Free Plastic Zone“.

Why people visit Hunza?

The reason why people visit hunza is not just because of the scenic views. Peacefulness, social activities, women empowerment and many other factors are basically the reason of glittering the image of Hunza.

Students of Hunza are spread across the world and among all top universities of Pakistan. Number of students from Hunza in top universities of Pakistan, such as LUMS, NCA and IBA are must greater than rest of the GB. These ambassadors of Hunza are promoting the region to national and international level.

Asia’s First Plastic Free Zone

Hunza is declared as Asia’s first plastic free zone, not only in Pakistan. Hunza’s campaign to control the usage of plastic in the region was started by local of Hunza. Then the same campaign was supported by Nestle, MAINETTI PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD, AKRSP and local government. After the struggle of all these sponsors as well as the huge support of locals, Hunza declared as the ‘Asia’s First Plastic Free Zone’ in 2020.

Use of plastic bags are banned in Hunza and huge fine on those who either sold or dispose plastic bags. Hunza became a symbol for Asia to make it happen, that nothing is impossible to achieve. After the FREE PLASTIC ZONE campaign, Hunza became more beautiful and attractive after removing tons of plastic garbage from the region. The reason, Hunza is among the top tourist destinations of Pakistan.

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