How much does it cost to trip to Skardu?

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A week trip to Skardu costs 20,000 to 25,000 thousand rupees for a local traveler. The facilities include a normal standard hotel, car, and meal out of luxuries. The level of fun will be the same such as adventure and entertainment.

How to plan a trip to Skardu?

There are multiple options to plan a trip to Skardu. The options are as follows:

  • Customize trip via a personal car
  • A family or friends group trip
  • Through a travel and tour agency

Customizing a trip via a personal car will turn out to be the most exciting and adventurous trip. You will be out of bond to go anywhere anytime and may be able to reach out to all tourist attraction sites in a very short time. It will surely cost the most and not be recommended for the mediocre category. The elite class always chooses to opt for this option to travel northern areas.

A family trip or a group trip will cost comparatively less than a customized trip via personal vehicle. The level of adventure is directly proportional to the number of people in the majority of cases thus a group trip will surely be full of fun. Hotel arrangements, meals, and other facility management for a large group will remain challenging.

The most economical option to travel throughout Gilgit Baltistan these days is to book a couple of seats in a travel and tour agency. The rest of the arrangements and management are their headache, all you have to do is to have fun and enjoy. The drawback is that you have almost no authority. You are bound to follow the shared traveling plan.

After all, planning a trip to Skardu is all depends on the weather conditions, current season, and traveling partner. For couples, it is highly recommended to catch a flight from Islamabad, Lahore, or Karachi and spend a week in peace in Skardu on your all will.

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