how do peoples live in Skardu
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The history of Baltistan can be traced back to 5000 years ago. It was part of the state of Tibet. Before the inception of Islam, all Balti community was Buddhist. Buddha rock Skardu is evident of this fact. After Islam came into the region in the 15th century, Arab and Farsi cultures merge with old Tibetan and Buddhist architects.How do people live in Skardu is mixed of Buddhist carved culture (before Islam) and after Islamic cultural norms.

Balti Peoples (1970s)

Architecture of Baltistan

Baltistan is very rich in architectural mysteries. Balti cultural architect is an amalgam of pure Tibetan, Arab and Iranian traces. The soul of an architect is from its mother state of Tibet. Crafting and cosmetics beauties are more tilted towards Iranian culture. Arab and Iranian culture came to this region with teachings of Islam.
The soul of every architecture having deep reflections of Tibet. The harsh environment of blood cold winter and high-speed winds can not support Iranian, Indian, and Arab construction techniques. That’s the reason for sticking to its thousand years old sciences in the region. This region was the gateway of trade between India, China, and Russia back before the 15th century. Which is also one of the reasons for its architectural plurality.
The old royal forts of Skardu, Shigar, and Khaplu are glimpses of skillful architectural pieces of Baltistan.

What is the culture of Skardu Baltistan?

Culturally Skardu Baltistan is very unique. The Tibetan culture with the addition of some Islamic and Iranian festivals currently exists in Baltistan. May-fang, rXrub laa, Lchangra, etc are part of pure Balti culture. Noroz becomes the part of Balti culture after the acceptance of Islamic beliefs.
Music is one of the vital parts of culture. In Baltistan, Islamic teachings deepen in the early days which results in eradication a major part of cultural music. There were 17 different lyrics of poetry in Balti musical culture. Every lyric having different meanings. It was used to convey messages between Balti states. These can only be found in books now.

Culture of Baltistan (Pololo state)
Culture of Baltistan (Pololo state)

How do people live in Skardu?

The living style of Skardu are very famous for their simplicity. Some Buddha’s teachings helping others in any consequence which are still followed in the region. The peoples of Skardu are very hospitable, kind-hearted, and helpful.
The cultural foods of Baltistan are pure and simple. All the ingredients used in cultural foods are organic. Major health issues like fattiness, heart issues, and digestion problems are unknown to the majority of locals.

Life in Skardu

  • Mediocre family houses are constructed of mud blocks.
  • Eats organic and pure foods.
  • Wears woollen cloths of sheep wools.
  • Carpets are made up of goat furs.
  • Lives a simple life with full hustle of nature.
  • Travels via horses and trekking routes.
  • Relies mostly on natural resources.
  • Love farming for living.

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