Hoper Valley Nagar to Rush Lake trek

Hoper Valley Nagar, Departure point to Rush Lake Trek

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Hoper valley is located in district Nagar. This piece of heaven is around 10 km away from Nagar Khas. Hoper valley Nagar is the home of two majestic mountains Spantik peak (7027m) and Bawalter Peak.
Hoper Valley is a cluster of villages. It has lush green meadows, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Hoper Nagar is home of Hoper glacier, Mier glacier and Barpu glacier. The whole population of Hoper valley is Brushashki speaking (Brushashki speaks in Gilgit Baltistan).
Hoper is home to many high mountains:
• Spantik (7027 m)
• Bawalter peak
• Mighty Rush Peak
• Miar peak (7257 m)
Rush peak is the viewpoint of worldly known peaks such as K2, Passu Peak, Diran Peak, and Rakaposhi.

Rush Lake Nagar

The Rush Lake Hoper is the heavily visited area of the region. This lake shines like an eye bowl in the middle of Rush Peak. Its height from the sea level is 4,694 m. Meadows around the Rush lake are the pastureland of domesticated and wild animals. Domesticated animals include local animals like goats, yaks, and sheep, and wild animals like Himalayan ibex, retch, fox, and snow leopard.

Rush Lake Hoper

Rush Lake Trek

Rush lake trekking takes 5 to 7 days on a single side. Trek of Rush lake covers multiple tourist goals in one trip. The trekking route passes through glaciers, rivers, meadows, mountains, and clusters of villages.
Nagar Hoper is the point of departure for the Rush lake trek. This back-breaking trek route demands high physical strength and stamina. Trekker has to beat glaciers and rocky mountains while trekking. Passion is unstoppable. No threat and danger can defeat a passionate trekker from trekking
The prerequisites of trekking to Rush lake are:
• Carry complete kit to survive at -20°C for two weeks.
• Hire a guide and porters for the luggage.
• Enough food stock for 15 days.

Camp Leo Hoper Nagar

Camp Leo in Hoper valley Nagar, a new destination in Hoper Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. It is a community-based Ecotourism Tourism initiative. The welfare and nature conservation activities by the local conservation committee will be funded by the earning from this venture. Snow Leopard Foundation and Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan are working jointly to promote this eco-friendly tourism concept in the mountains of Pakistan under the PSLEP Project.

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